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The CHAF Hosts Many Programs, Including:

  • Maternal and child health care services
  • Free treatment of underprivileged population
  • Health awareness programs.
  • Child education
  • Public health Research and Publications

Services At a Glance Till December, 2019

Performed over 12,000 Clefts Lip and Palate Surgery

Over 7000 Health screening and treatment to garments workers

Treatment of Rickshaw pullers

Over 500 Health screening and treatment to Corporate Personals like Dhaka Bank, Prothom Alo

Over 4000 Health screenings and treatments to the Community

Over 400 Treatment given for vascular and other congenital anomalies

Correction of 35 post burn deformities

Over 25,000 Health screening and treatment to Rohingya refugees 

Over 250 Club foot support at NITOR

Food distribution to Flood Victims in 2017

Blanket distribution in winter 2019

Seminar and publication of Books on vascular anomaly and birth defects

Celebration of Mother Language days – 21st February

Celebration of Birth Defects day -3rd March

Celebration of World Smile Day- 1st Friday of October

Health Awareness Camping

Speech and  Child Development treatment

Nutritional support and advice by certified Nutritionist

Pilot Survey of Birth Defects