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World Birth Defects Day 2020


March 3, 2020, World Birth Defects Day was observed in NGO affairs Bureau, Agargaon, Dhaka in Collaboration with Child Health Awareness (CHAF).  The theme of this is “Many Birth Defect, One Voice- Awareness”. Meeting was presided by KM Abdus Salam, DG NGO affairs bureau, Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Aziz  MP,  Main Speaker was  Prof. Dr. Bijoy Krishna Das, Executive Director, Child Health Awareness Foundation.  Also speeches  by  Dr. Md. Helal Uddin. Additional Secretary, Mr. Abdullah Al-Khayrun, Deputy Secretary, Khandaker Jahurul Alom, Executive Director of CSID, Dr. Manzur Kadir Ahmed of Gonoshasthaya Kendra. Different health related NGOs were present in meeting.

Prof. Dr. Bijoy Krishna Das said that according WHO, every year about 3% baby born with major birth defects which needs treatment. Birth defects may be due to hereditary, consanguinity, smoking, alcohol, folic acid and other vitamin deficiency. Other causes can be due to malnutrition, wrong medicine, environment pollution, diseases, etc. Many birth defects can be cured completely if treated within one year of life otherwise the defect can cause disability or death. Awareness can prevent many birth defects.

Many at the convention were unaware of such problems and said they will do their part to help spread awareness.

Chief guest Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Aziz said awareness can prevent many birth defects and disability due to birth defects if treated in a timely manner.  He emphasized on birth registrar to include birth defects for treatment and care, and conducting a survey to gather more information.

DG NGO affairs bureau Mr. KM Abdus Salam said this program is related with SDG goal 3 dedicated to 100 years of Mujib- Mujib Borsho.  He emphasized on awareness to fulfill SDG goal 3. 

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